Why Every Day Is No-Pants Day for Me (For Real)


For me, every day is no-pants day. Not in the sense of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s so-called no-pants day, which involves wearing skirts or dresses. No, I mean no pants at all in the sense that I spend time not wearing pants every day.

Not wearing pants wasn’t a gimmick but a natural evolution of my time in graduate school. After a frenzied day of the requisite bowing and scraping in class and scavenger hunting in the library, I scurried back to my hovel anticipating numerous hours of reading, writing, and Law & Order. As an introvert, having far exceeded my preferred daily social interaction limits, I looked forward to the revitalizing power of alone-time. So, it was in the door and out of the pants along with the absolute certainty that I was not going back out again.

The no-pants day is not about getting into nightclothes and getting ready for bed. Instead, it is part of a coming home ritual. It separates the public day from the second shift. Without pants, a well-worn t-shirt is all that I need. In the winter, I add a sweatshirt and capri leggings.

N.B. Despite what the young people are doing, at my age, leggings ≠ pants. Since I would never wear leggings outside, it still counts as no-pants.

As a professor, despite the common misconception that professors “only” teach, I have massive amounts of at-home work to do after I complete my duties on campus. When I get home, I immediately commence no-pants day by couch-sprawling with my faithful companions: water bottle, MacBook Pro, and Twitter. I wear pants, skirts, and dresses, but behind closed doors, I’m about that no-pants life! Are you one of us? Tweet No Extra Credit with your no-pants confession!