8 Ways to Support Cutting-Edge Scholarship

Just released! Womanist and Black Feminist Responses to Tyler Perry’s Productions. Edited by LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant, Tamura A. Lomax, and Carol B. Duncan.

This volume “examines Perry’s works from interdisciplinary perspectives and provides a necessary response to Perry’s current prominence regarding black representation, black religion and black cultural production.”

Sounds great, huh? Want to support this cutting-edge volume? Here are 8 ways you can help!

1. Buy! Buy the book. It’s available at Palgrave and at the usual places where you buy books.

2. Give! Buy the book as a gift for someone else. This is an excellent present for a nerd, blerd, or academic who enjoys scholarship that takes seriously popular culture.

3. Recommend! Ask your library to order the book. When you visit the Palgrave site, on the right, you will see a gray box “recommend to library.” Click through to complete a very short request form.

4. Share! Help to generate buzz by sharing the book on social media. Tweet, pin, post, and otherwise share the link, the book cover photo, a photo of you holding the book, and/or your comments about the book. Use the hashtag #WomanistFeministTP.

5. Assign! If you teach in a related area, assign the book (or individual articles) to your class. Even if you don’t assign it as a required book, put it on your syllabus as a recommended text. It’s expensive, but you can put it on reserve.

6. Review! Write a review of the book. It looks good on your CV, and it helps other scholars to discover newly published work. Request a review copy here.

7. Discuss! Organize a review panel, a faculty seminar, and/or grad student brown bag conversation around this book. 

8. Cite! If you are writing a book or an article on a related topic, cite this volume!

Many academic books are read by only a few people, and they languish in the dark depths of the library. Eventually, they are forgotten and go out of print. Don’t let that happen to this book! 

The editors and contributors appreciate your support. Thank you! #WomanistFeministTP