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Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Extra Credit?
It’s the name of my blog, and since blogs are less popular these days, it’s also the name of my newsletter. For your backstage pass to my glamorous academic life, subscribe to the newsletter here.
But what does “no extra credit” mean?
The full tagline is “no ivory tower, no crystal stair, no extra credit.”
No ivory tower - Despite the stereotype of academics, I do not operate in a literal or figurative ivory tower.
No crystal stair - See “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes.
No extra credit - I do not offer extra credit.
Do you really not give extra credit?
Nope. I say it so often that it became a catchphrase.
What kinds of classes do you teach at Temple?
Introduction to the Bible; Death and Dying; Religion in the World; and Feminist and Womanist Biblical interpretation
What are you doing when you’re not doing professor stuff?
Reading fiction
I heard you’re really active on Twitter.
Yep. Follow me @NyashaJunior.
What are you watching on Netflix these days?
Hate-watching “Handmaid’s Tale”
What music are you listening to?
Laura Mvula
What’s your position on sugar grits?
Oxford comma?
Of course!
Are you from Zimbabwe?
No, my parents had a friend visiting from South Africa when my mother was expecting. He gave them the name.
How do I join your fan club?
I don’t have one yet. Let me know if you start one.
How do I order t-shirts?
T-shirts are not yet available. Start the fan club first. Then, we’ll get t-shirts.
What if I have other questions?
You can email me: