20 Questions for 2nd Year MDiv Students


Congratulations! You have completed your first year in the MDiv program!

Before you run off to your summer Hebrew intensive or to your contextual immersion program in Bhutan, here are 20 questions to ask yourself as you wrap up your first year.

Sit down in a quiet place. Work through the questions carefully and write down your answers.

1. How do you feel?
2. What did you accomplish this year?
3. What did you learn this year?
4. How have you changed this year?
5. How would you evaluate your class preparation?
6. How would you evaluate your class participation?
7. How would you evaluate your overall academic performance?
8. How would you evaluate your communication with your professors, advisors, mentors, and accountability partners?
9. What does success look like? Feel like?
10. Where are you in your spiritual formation/vocational discernment process?
11. When do you expect to graduate?
12. Based on the program worksheet/guidelines, what do you need to do to graduate on schedule?
13. What will you do this summer to prepare yourself for the fall semester?
14. What do you plan to do differently in the fall?
15. What challenges are you facing?
16. What forms of support do you need?
17. What will you do to seek the support that you need?
18. What will you do to (better) take care of yourself?
19. What will you read this summer?
20. What are your three words for the year?

After completing this exercise, consider sharing your responses with someone who is on this journey with you.

Looking forward to your health, happiness, and transformative leadership!