Should You Go to SBL/AAR?

Your classmates and professors have returned from the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Chicago.

They are sporting their slick tote bags and bragging about the discounted books and software that they purchased. They casually mention running into various superstar academics, and they are already making plans for next year’s meeting.

You are curious, but how do you know if you should go?

Look at the SBL/AAR program book. It is available online here and here. Also, you can borrow a hard copy program book from someone who went to the Annual Meeting. Flip through it to see the kinds of sessions that were held. Scan the presentation titles. Find the topics that interest you.

Excited? Do you wish that you had heard these presentations? Do you want to talk to these people? If yes, get fired up and put together a plan to get to the Annual Meeting.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want to study or with whom. You don’t have to have a dissertation topic. Just deciding that you want to join the conversation is a great first step. See you in Baltimore!