Words such as religion, church, yoga, Bible, etc. could be in a word cloud.

I enjoy reading. I enjoy quiet, peace, silence. I love pink, but don’t want site to look too girly. My Howard admin used to say that I always said “Let me tell you something…” I know all of the dialogue to The Color Purple. Daughters of the Dust made me realize that I could have a child. No font faves. If I could style my dream home it would be Black Hollywood Regency Dorothy Dandridge with a 21st century minimimalist update. Afropolitan (but without the nasty elitism). Straight, no chaser. Classic Soul. Southern but escaped the South. Truthteller. Agitator. Bell ringer. Lightbulb-moment facilitator. Color Commentator.

But categories could include: biblical studies, religion, higher ed, race and gender, health or digital media and contributions to edited volumes

Other words for the word cloud:
biblical studies, religion, race, gender, books, academia, higher ed, yoga, self care, intersections, feminist, womanist, health, fitness, professor, liberal arts, reading, writing, liberation, voice, experience, realness, teaching, learning, research, service, community, transformative, provocative, unorthodox